..I HAVE ACTUALLY HAD TIME TO OPEN UP MY GAME. It HAS already crashed on me (LOLZ), but I’ve starrrrted decorating the neighbourhood & have been sorting out families/lots shizz. Plusssss I break up from uni for Xmas this week. WOOP. Thus, I thought a little treat was in order just…well…you know I haven’t given up lol. A few snapshots of Faith, Shawn & Sam are after the jump, but first…

Planning everything out, it looks as though this season will be around 20 episodes. Maybe more. Now, that sounds like a lot (and it’ll be a lot of filming, etc), but considering that the first season was such a shambles in comparison to what I’m hoping this season will be, I think it’s necessary. A lot wasn’t really explored enough and a few loose ends need to be tied up. I’ve named and planned each episode though, so…

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