Fracking is back – and the little thing the Government isn’t really mentioning

Let's Talk About That

Fracking causes earthquakes. Fact.

No, I’m not starting an alarmist tome here or saying that peoples water is going to be full of gas and chemicals, although that surely can be an issue if the technology isn’t used safely. But the basic process of “fracking” is fracturing the rock in order to release the gas, and that causes small to tiny earthquakes.

Is it dangerous? Well, I guess that would all depend on how stable the tectonic plate is. In the UK we are lucky in that in “relative terms”, we are on a stable base. And by stable I mean we get lots of minor earthquakes all the time. Don’t believe me, check it out here. So you have to giggle when the UK’s fracking testing near Blackpool was halted due to a 1.5 magnitude quake. After all, in the last 50 days of this post being written…

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