the cover-up … always worse than the crime


Ian Cambridge was not covered in the ‘Connecting the dot’ series. He was there all through the AWU scandal discovery and subsequent cover-up.

Bill Ludwig

Ian Cambridge and Bill Ludwig covered up the 1996 AWU fraud case which helped Julia Gillard

by Shane Dowling on November 11, 2012 in Commissioner Ian Cambridge, Slater and Gordon

Sometimes you can say one word or one line that can destroy your case or defence. With Ian Cambridge and Bill Ludwigthere are just a couple of lines that you need to look at that destroy their creditability that they were trying to get back the stolen money in the Bruce Wilson / Julia Gillard / AWU fraud in 1996. […]

Ian Cambridge

The Julia Gillard, Ian Cambridge and Shane Dowling connection.

by Shane Dowling on November 4, 2012 in Commissioner Ian Cambridge

I first met Ian Cambridge in 2005. The same Ian Cambridge who called for a…

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